Dear mum, it’s time for us to share some essentials that you should get before welcoming the confinement.
Maternity Bras
A maternity/nursing bra is suitable to wear during your entire pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Specially designed in a way to comfortably support your growing breast and does not place any pressure on the breast tissue. It typically has flaps or panels than can be opened with one hand to enable you to feed your baby or pumping. 

When should I start buying maternity bras?

We recommend you to buy a maternity bra as soon as your regular bras feel tight or uncomfortable during your pregnancy. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. It is important to start wearing a maternity bra when you notice your breasts starting to grow and change. 

How to find the best maternity bras?

There are endless options when you come to choose the best maternity bra.
Comfort: Look for bras in soft and breathable fabrics, mainly cotton. Pregnancy can raise your body temperature, so wearing a cotton bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding will reduce irritation, sweating and let your skin breath.
Coverage and Support: It is the best to choose a fully coverage and supportive bra. This will help you to prevent sagging breasts and stay comfortable all day.
The Fit: Finding the right fit is the key when you choosing a maternity bra. A bra that is restrictive or too tight can lead to a greater risk of plugged ducts or mastitis.
Ease: The best nursing bra is comfortable and convenient for breastfeeding mums for all-day wear. Many moms prefer bras that have clips for easy feeding, because they may be holding the little one with the other hand.
The best way to find a bra that fits right is to get fitted in person by someone at a store. The salesperson will measure your bust line and under bust to find the perfect size for you.
Young Hearts provide free maternity bra fittings within their stores across the country to help you find a great-fitting maternity bra. Our online shops have instructions and size chart so you can measure yourself and find your size that way.

Confinement Pajamas

Nowadays, the maternity nursing pajamas are available in the market very easily. Because they have a lot of advantages and it is essential to wear them during pregnancy.
Confinement pajamas is specially designed to help pregnant women and new mothers feel comfortable and relaxed on their journey through pregnancy. During pregnancy, lightweight and breathable nightwear can improve sleep quality as they maintain optimum body temperature.
These pajamas are perfectly suitable for pregnant women seeking easy-access maternity/nursing nightwear. They are made of high-quality soft cotton that provides a cozy feel. They have an adjustable waist band for easy adjustments to the waistline, and have side pockets for convenient night feeding.

Maternity intimate wears are one of the most important clothing items you need to invest in before your baby arrives. They not only care for your growing bust, but also give you plenty of support throughout the 9 months that you are pregnant and beyond. With today's wide range of options, it is easy to find styles that make you feel beautiful!
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